Director's Message

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Sri Lanka to succeed as an emerging economy, a balance between a manufacturing-based economy and one driven by knowledge, services, ideas, information and technology is pivotal. A key requisite for this is developing the human capacity needed for an emerging economy. Hence increasing the number of graduates in Information Technology and related areas is a must for accelerated and sustained development of the country’s economy.

University of Moratuwa is geared towards meeting the country’s requirement of professionally qualified workforce and also to be a forerunner in identifying the tomorrow’s human capital needs. Having been a pioneer in starting a dedicated computer science and engineering degree in 1986 and expanding the IT related education by inaugurating the country’s first faculty of Information Technology in 2001, the University laid the foundation for providing IT education at much larger scale by starting the external degree of Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) in 2006/7.

We at CODL are looking forward to having you as a registered student for BIT enabling you to obtain a degree to be a successful professional who will meaningfully contribute to Sri Lanka’s economic and social development.

Vishaka Nanayakkara